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February 16, 2006



I can't believe it's been a year! It seems like just last month. That's a nice gesture to have the extra place set. But you're full of those, I've come to learn.

Aaron Neal

Rivrdog, I hope you didn't find my link-ridden post offensive.

As I understand it, links FROM other sites are what boost ratings - but of course, being new to this (I got sitemeter working more out of curiosity than anything else), I could easily be wrong.

My intent was not impacting ratings for myself or anyone else - simply telling the story, using the words written at the time by others who were much closer to the actual events, as well as being better writers, than me.

If my linking to your posts from last year offends, you, please email me, and I'll remove them ASAP. I hope that isn't the case though, because I'd like my readers (mostly friends and family, I suspect) to see what you wrote, and experience the same emotions that you pulled out of me, both last year and again last night when I was re-reading them.


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