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April 24, 2006



I just received an email about this post from a good internet friend who I won't name, because he didn't give me permission to name him.

Basically, he said I am wrong here in raising a warning flag about Ferdy and his Carnival collection. He said that Ferdy is just trying to make our (writer's) lives easier.

I replied:

Yes, that's his hook, but ask yourself this: why?

Is it just altruism? Does he really just want to make it easier to submit to "Carnivals"?

Or, is he looking for some measure of control over these writers?

If it's altruisim, please re-read Ayn Rand, all of her novels address the dangers of altruism as a human (factor) for personal motivation.

If it's something else other than altruism, it could be anything, but why jerk everyone around?

Google started as just a "helpful little search engine", and once everyone got used to it, the corporate masters revealed their actual intent: nothing less than total control of the internet.

Look at the NZBear's "TTLB ecosystem", which probably started as a little programmer's exercise and tongue-in-cheek meme-game. Then one day, NZBear decided that everyone who had played had to resubmit for a different position in his "ecosystem". He gave some technical reason, but to most (and many then dropped out), it was just a control thing. He made them jump through the hoop because he could.

Like I said, but maybe without adequate explanation:

Wave Your Own Flag (or march to someone else's tune as you carry their flag).

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