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April 20, 2006



OK, that doesn't sound fun.

Hope you feel better soon sir.


Yeah, I know. My wife has a border line uric acid problem and has to watch what she eats because of it--the quacks allow that if she doesn't she will some gout problems. But I did have to razz you some about that rich man's disease..being an old Msgt I never pass up the chance to razz a major.


1. Go to the range.
2. Empty MUCH brass.
3. Go home
4. Drink Single malt scotch, slowly and in moderation, as this is for medicinal purposes.

You'll feel much better.......

.....Mr. C.


That "rich man's disease" is old-hat medicine, about 4-500 years old. Gout WAS one of the first diseases researched, because it was originally thought that it mostly affected people who could afford to eat meat often, which the Olde Days, was rich people. Those people were also the ones who could afford doctors to research thing.

Digestion of meat involves generating more purines than is the case when digesting a vegetarian diet (although some vegetables generate MORE. Purines are the state that uric acid, the culprit in gout, are in just before the body turns them to the final waste product.

It isn't all purines though. The digestive tract actually processes out about 35% of the uric acid, and the kidneys the other 65%. I lost most of the digestive processing ability when I had my two gut bow-outs two years ago, so that left my body unable to process a quarter of the uric acid it generates. It isn't simply a matter of eating the low-U/A foods. Most of them are on my "don't eat" list anyway - things like whole grains, nuts, berries, tomatoes. My GI tract can't handle the little undigested bits left over when these foods pass through. They get into the little diverticulae and fester there, creating abcesses. Moderately quick suicide, eating those things.

So, I medicate for the condition. The drug Allopurinol stops the digestive process short of the making of uric acid, and the kidneys have a much easier time of flushing out the purine by-product, so when all those food-breakdown products get to Step 8, they go away without going to Step 9.

BTW, the mechanism for gout is simple: abrasion in the joints. The surplus uric acid precipitates out as uric acid crystals in the joints, which have the lowest flushing action of any part of the body. Imagine having little crystals in your smooth joint bearing surfaces. OUCH! That's what gout is.


I hear gout is an ass kicker. I am lucky that I never had any problems with it. Supposed to be a rich man's problem so I reckon that is why, LOL

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