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June 26, 2006



Acidman was the first (and so far, the only) complete stranger to me to whom I have written a personal letter. I wouldn't have known about his site except for Rivrdog. So thanks to you, sir R, for that. Acidman will be missed.

And YES, his collected writings should be preserved!


Very sad news especially since he beat the sauce. I wasn't a regular reader but I read some of the fellows he exchanged ideas and views. What will happen to all of his post, If no-one renews his domain name does all the post just get lost in cyber space? Is there a great blog archive somewhere?


Lisa W.

"the voice of a common man who tried to teach us all common sense"

Great comment on a great guy - he also through his stories, could've taught a lot of people a lot about common decency, and just how to do the "right thing". If there were more "daddies" like him around, there'd be a lot fewer punks around. I'm sorry I never got to meet him.

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