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July 14, 2006



that pic is sick. I hope someone killed that stupid eagle. eagles are trash and need to be exterminated. they're not cute like foxes.

i like foxes best of all. i fed one some of my blow and it like me so much i was able to train it to suck me off. i tried to train it fuck my ass, but i'm used to much more dick up there than that little fox had. too bad


do you know where the eagle / fox picture is from?


I thought of that possibility, Jerry. If that's the case, then Shizbullass IS the magpie hauling ass out of the fight....

Gerry N.

If I was to read the allegory in this picture, I think I'd see the Israeli eagle hauling the Iranian fox up by it's nuts while the Hamas/Hesbollah magpie screeches off to find easier, safer carrion to defile.


Couldn't you find a shot of a weasel? I guess an eagle carrying off a leech would be out of the question.
Seriously, that's a great shot.

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