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July 15, 2006



Interesting assessment, jetman, and entirely believeable, since every mission of every combat system has a mullah attached, as I'm told.

I'm sure that the Navy has thought of this, and the best way to negate this threat is to shadow every one of their subs with one of ours, whenever they sortie from post. I have to believe that such an operation is ongoing.



Quiet DE boats, especially ones like the German subs with the non-magnetic steel hulls, are why the Navy's been researching into a blue-green laser version of radar since I was in High School. (Back in the last Century) I've heard tell that we've got a version working for counter-mine work on our Seahawks. I figure if it can see a submerged mine that's smaller than my car, it should be able to spot a Kilo. Plus there's always the option of going active with our sonars. To quote Sir Elton, "Solid walls of soooound..." It's not like we can really try and hide a CVNBG in the Persian Gulf by going to EMCON lockdown.


... Just read the rest of your post and as a very qualified observer ( I flew the first ASW mission from a carrier on the first Iranian Kilo sub in 1992) I have to make some sobering facts known:

1) Any submarine is a serious threat. Kilos are quiet when operating on battery. An example would be for you to turn on your Maglite flashlight, then listen.... really... hard... That's what a diesel electric (D/E) sub sounds like when it's not recharging its batteries.

2) Subs that don't require circulating water, ie: non-nukes, can just mud out and bottom onto the ocean floor.

3) Hundreds of ships pass through the straights each day. Hundreds. Very noisy environment. Makes catching a D/E boat (sub) recharging very difficult.

Add to this the medium range aircraft tasked with the passive acoustic ASW mission has not flown dedicated ASW missions since it was taken offline in 1997, it gets really tricky.

Luckily the mission is being taken over by the SH-60 family, most recent additions of the SH-60S and SH-60R, with advanced acoustic detection suites, and top notch training. Someone had an 'oh-Sh##' at the Pentagon after Clinton's budget cuts whipped off the S-3 Viking.

My assessment is that if we get into a naval battle with Iran, it will be following a sneak attack by a sub which would most likely kill the majority of the crew on a carrier. Think 9/11 loss of life in a single attack. This could be torpedos, but most probably would be a suicide mission by the sub, detonating all its ordnance while rising from the bottom (only 75 feet deep in some areas) and manuvering directly beneath the carrier.

Oh yeah, it's THAT easy.



Don't I recall that in March/April 2003 during OIF there was a supposed drone / cruise missile sent into Kuwait during ground combat?

Wonder if it was sent from Iraq or from Iran to test their model airplane fleet...

Eric Sivula Jr.

If bullets aren't fast* enough, sorry. PIMF

And apparently the US Navy calls them Sea-RAMs, now that they are deployed.

Eric Sivula Jr.

While the 20mm miniguns would be great for small craft threat, the Navy's tests seem to indicate that it is less effective against the Soviet "Sunburn" anti-ship missiles. Since they travel at Mach 2, the CIWS has trouble tracking them.

Good news is the US Navy is upgrading its anti-ship missile defenses with RIM-116s, which are a US/German anti-cruise missile missile based on the Sidewinder family.

If bullets are fasted enough, hit 'em with a 20 lb warhead at Mach 2. :)

Gerry N.

"Shrillary decides to take the Chair of Womyn's Studies at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA."

What, exactly, do you have against those of us who live in WA?

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