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July 14, 2006



That's one of the reasons I shop at Fred's.
(a) It's within walking distance. So if I don't need to haul a bunch of stuff, I like to walk if I can.
(b) No reward card requirement. The sticker price on the shelf is the actual price at the register.
(c) They are about the cheapest over all for all the local grocery stores near me.
(d) Service is ok too.

I guess Kroger hasn't screwed them up too much.

Albertson's is across town from me. They let me have a new card each time I come by. I don't have to give
any info to get it. I don't often go their because of the distance. Otherwise they're ok.

Safeway? They are even further out. Lousy service. Have to fill out (and lie) on the form to get the stupid
card to get the "low" price the shelf says. A few years ago they carded me for buying a lotto ticket. I was
almost 40. What's up with that?

Haggen's is ok. Good service, fairly close. I got a key ring from a friend so I'm actually on somebody else's
card. :) Their prices aren't so great though.

Well that's my grocery shopping gripe for today.

P.S. Kim du Toit wrote a piece on shopping cards a few months back. He used to be in the store marketing biz.
You might look up his article for the other side of the story.

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