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July 26, 2006



You're in luck, Mr. Jan, this is my day to be patient with confused people.

Lebanon (not "Libanon") is indeed a sovereign nation, and one that has received a lot of help from Western nations in the past few years. Part of that help was guidance in removing the Syrian military from within their borders, which was done, but probably not all the Syrian secret police are gone yet. Those secret police have permitted a private army which is bent on the destruction of the neighboring state of Israel to operate freely within Lebanon, in total contravention of at least one UN Security Council Resolution.

Lebanon is a doormat, apparently by it's own choice. It desires neither to secure it's own borders against Hizbollah preying on Israel from within the country, nor does it neutralize the bandit army within it's own borders.

Sort of the same situation that the Dutch found themselves in with the Nazis in 1940, eh, Mr. Jan?

Geert Jan

The only thing I read here is about Hezbollah. But didn't it ever occur to you that we're also talking about the destruction of a souverin nation, named Libanon? And its people? Totally forgotten by you guys, isn't it? In that sense, one nation (Israel) is attacking another (Libanon). And that is considered illegal by the International Tribunal. Israel can whine as much as they want about all the injustice that's done to them and use all the arguments from over 50 years ago to justify this attack, but eventually Hezbollah and Israel are equally low and disgusting, with the only difference that the latter has the backing of the UN and US. That security is the only difference that distinguishes Israel from "terroristic" groupings.


I kinda figure something like that. Israel has claimed and has pictures to prove it that the UN peace keepers and buddy buddy with Hezbollah. If I was the general I would have taken them out..logical thing to do.

So far I like the way the Israelis are going about this. Search and destroy house by house after the infrastructure is taken out and there is no way Hezbollah can run. ( This in my opinion is what should have been done in Iraq..I remember the half stepping bullshit in Vietnam with no clear cut onjective except trying to stay alive.) My hope now is that they are allowed to finsih the job they have started..but then again..with a couple of hundred nukes in their arsenal is anybody gonna risk a nuclear war to try to stop them? Could be the best hand of Texas Hold'em ever played and I don't think the Israelis are bluffing.

Titan Mk6B

I would bet that they did have that flag up. Let's hope those killed had not yet had a chance to procreate. They are just stupid and we have more than enough of that.

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