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October 25, 2006


Jerry the Geek

Interesting question you pose. How frequently IS Firefox used in comparison to MSIE?

I've done the research, and you're right. With a lot of assumptions and grouping Netscape and Firefox, et al, under the general category of "Mozilla-type browsers", they DO account for 1/3 of the browsers used to view Cogito Ergo Geek.

I assume that this proportion is consistent 'industry wide'.



Same as egnash here, RD.

You must simply have the most backwards branch of Comcast there in OR. Your previous post on the Verizon folks and how much Comcast charges you for service seemed odd to me, but now I know that you have the worst branch of Comcast I've ever heard of.


I also use comcast as my highspeed provider.

No problems with firefox v2. As a matter of fact that is what is use on 6 out of 7 computers in out house. My wife's employer REQUIRES IE...

Sorry for your problem.


Didn't have any problems with my ISP (earthlink); the only difficulties I ran into was that some of my extensions were incompatible. Those should be taken care of shortly, I would imagine, they always are.

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