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October 11, 2006



I sincerely hope you are right, Jackson. If you are, it will indeed be a new day for the US, and the GOP, having tied itself as it has to the apron strings of the fundie Christians, will wither rapidly.

I still have a fear, though, and that fear is simply this: command and control within the (D)emocratic Party still leans far to the Left.

Howard Dean still runs the party, and Pelosi and Hillary are still his two headliners, with JF Kerry and maybe even Al Gore still hoping to gain traction for a run at POTUS in '08.

These new, centrist and conservative Democrats you tout (assuming they are elected in droves as you forsee) will have a tough time uprooting all of those old-line leftists from the party command structure. It all has to do with Das Gelt. The old-line leftists still control the purse-strings, and no matter the fervor of the new centrists, the money will control the '08 convention and decide who gets the nomination.

I've heard this tale of gun control being a dead issue. In my state, Oregon, the State DNC even funded a Democratic Party Gun Owners Caucus which, by it's pronouncements, is very pro-R2KBA.

Yes, the route for the Democratic Party to renounce gun control has been surveyed, and even, in a few places, graded as a highway. I haven't seen any pavement yet, though.

Jackson Landers

This 03-FFL-holding NRA member and Democrat says no way. Hear me out on this one because I really think that you've got this one all wrong and I can explain why.

Look at where the House Democrats gains are coming from. The entire new crop of Democratic party challengers in Kansas are former Republicans. Former as in right up until last year. Look at people like Brad Ellsworth who would have been considered Republicans by most people until recently. A huge number of the Democrats new candidates are also military veterans (of the Iraqi war in particular) who cherish their right to bear arms. We're poised to take the Senate with guys like Jim Webb, who was a Republican for decades and currently holds a concealed weapon permit and Harold Ford, who has always and forever been a staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment rights throughout his entire House career. Or John Tester, who is nearly indistinguishable from a pre-2000 Republican and supposedly has a gun collection even better than my own. There's no way in hell that any of these people are going to vote for any gun control. They are being elected as moderate to conservative Democrats - not as the vanguard of a liberal revolution. They know this perfectly well and would prefer not to become one-termers.

On election night, Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy are going to do their little victory dance and celebrate. And then the next morning, they're going to smack themselves on the foreheads with a resounding 'doh!' and realize that they no longer have a snowball's chance in hell of even getting anti-gun legislation through committee, let alone actually passing it. The new Democratic majority is being built by pro-gun conservatives who have switched parties over the last 6 years. With the election of this new Congress, gun control as a mainstream political issue will die forever. Until now, it has always been able to limp along with a major political party as it's parasitic host, grabbing the occasional victory for it's survival. No more. Gun-grabbers will now be check-mated on both sides.

This is the birth of a new generation of party leaders, some of whom will be around for the next 30 years. What we are witnessing is a very, very rare thing in American politics. Usually the House only moves by a few seats at a time in either direction. But now we have a huge wave of pro-gun leaders in the Democratic party who will work together for decades to ensure that the anti-gun movement is dead in Washington. These are the committee chairmen and majority or minority leaders of tomorrow. This is history being made. The Democratic party is stepping towards the right and it will never be the same again.

I'm going to celebrate our victory on the morning of November 8th by buying a gun. I invite you to join me.


Sage advice, friend.

I am always trying to stock more "stuff".
Just in case...

It was great to meet you and the missus!
I can truly say it was my honor to meet you both, and my wife was tickled, too!

That was a great thing you did for Dan, as well.

You rock, Rivrdog.

Perhaps our paths will cross again...

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