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October 31, 2006



You're too gentle. Waay back when we were building up our nuclear arsenal, one goal (met) was a dollar a ton price tag. A megabuck per megaton. Can't buy even a tiny piece of a kiloton of "smart" munitions for that amount and the delivery charges tend to be rather high!

Besides, surgical strikes tend to be kinda like peeing on a fire ant mound; damn bugs come swarming out and try to sting every thing they can. A nice air burst over Sadr City has all kind of advantages including maximizing the weapon's effectiveness and minimizing fallout. Personally I prefer the simultaneous detonation of a triad spaced around the central target area, converging synergistic shock waves leave the area all nice and shiny!

Repeat as necessary.


I like it. Good plan. Show the sand-monkeys what Dresden looked like.

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