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October 24, 2006



MNTY, I realized that there was going to be a "choice" between two liberals. However, since the write-in campaign offers a RARE opportunity to bring in a judge by something other than the semi-corrupt means you outline, we decided to seize upon it.

That, and it's a matter of gender. Both Youlee Kim You and the gal who ambushed her are of the liberal "nurturing mother" sort, and God only knows, we DON'T need more of them on the Court.

BTW, Mary Overgaard is NOT of that type, I've met and talked to her in an earlier campaign of hers.


Never mind, I posted the comment before reading further.
One of the problems with the elections for judges in Oregon is, judges often leave office 6 months before the election, allowing the polticians to appoint their successors, who can then run, generally unopposed, as an incumbent. And it is hard to find information about judges' preferences when it comes to personal liberties.


Riverdog, who was the write-in judge and who did you find about him from?

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