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December 15, 2006



TB II is that guy the NYPD Vice Squad blew away when he rammed their car.

It turns out that the guy is no angel. The nightclub where he had been having his pre-wedding party is his usual hangout where he has muscled to the top of the dope trade, and in fact, the NYPD may have been at the location to bust him in the act of dealing (that hasn't come out yet). They were definitely busting the club, that much HAS come out.

Probable scenario: he unassed the club when the vice cops announced the raid, or discovered them outside getting ready to raid. In either case, he and buddies tried to jump in his car and bug out, but were blocked in by the van, which he stupidly thought he could nudge out of the way (they weigh about 6,000# empty). After his first "nudge" failed, he tried again, and by then the vice dicks still outside had their guns out and took the car under fire.

It's normal procedure to take a car under fire that is ramming a police vehicle. Plenty of precedent for that. Also, the cops fire until the vehicle stops moving, so that explains the multiple shots.

Grumpy Old Ham

You're not the only one who remembers TB I. Every time I see that twit Sharpton on TV, it reminds me I should send him a postcard with her name on it. Glenn Beck had him on for an hour-long interview a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't stand to watch more than the first few minutes. Dunno how Beck did it without losing his dinner.

Anyway, did I miss something? If the Duke case crack whore is TB III, who was TB II?

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