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December 17, 2006



In CO people are liable unless they have purchased a hunting or fishing license, it's an added 25 cents. You can also purchase backcountry "insurance" for $4 for a year to cover rescue if you're not a hunter or fisherman. The caveat, and this is important because I work at a ski resort, is that if you break the law, such as ducking a rope, the back country permit doesn't cover the cost of rescue.


Impressive work. I often wonder if people that need to be rescued in this manner should be liable for the costs.


Those guys learn to fly at high altitudes right down the road from me in Gypsum, CO. We get all sorts of military choppers flying around and it's fun to see. They are also a great about helping to look for lost hikers, good for the community and good training for the pilots.

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