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December 14, 2006


Mike Davis

That was a great story. I was at UT from 1973-1976. I was in crash rescue at the time. I too enjoyed kilosip and Newland. I do not know if Newland was open when you were here. I am glad you enjoyed your tour. That sure was a lot of missions.

What was the normal flight time for your missions? I see you said 3 1/2 hours, but I thought they were longer.


David, that is entirely too much information.


Fantastic story! More please!

You might be amused to know that there are a couple of bars in San Francisco that specialize in the ladyboys. The most famous of these is known as Diva's, and of course extras are available for those who want them. (www.divassf.com) There's also a very highly rated formal restaurant where the servers are all "gender illusionists." (www.asiasf.com)

Amazingly, despite lots of interest among the local hobbying crowd, not a lot of the SF Bay Area's Asian Massage Parlors seem to offer the type of soapy bath service you describe.


Great story. Truly marvelous.

Aaah, for the days of wild frivolous youth.

Naah, I'd hurt myself.

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