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February 12, 2007



Here is a website with Fred Thompson's voting record.


That comment about Clinton's lackies is awesome!


Conservative leadership? It's nonexistent. Bush was elected twice only because in both instances the other guy was so much worse. Big-name republicans aren't just RINOs, they all have MDSD: Minimum Diameter Spine Disease. It will hold the structure up, but it's not large enough to support any real work.

There's about a 120-day window now for someone to start rising to the top; beyond that point Giuliani, McCain, Romney, et al, will start consuming all the oxygen, and between them and Clinton, lesser names won't get noticed.

The real danger with Clinton is not so much that she's so far-left; it's that a Clinton administration would become populated with like-minded far-lefties, and the federal hiring process would shift even more to rewarding big government socialist authoritarians. Four years of Hillary would produce a group of leftie gummint employees, firmly entrenched in the bureaucracy for three decades, who would influence regulations, procedures and legislation throughout the rest of our lives, and much of our children's.

We'd get pretty much the same thing with any of the front running RINOs, only without the rancor, and not to the same degree. The advantage of a Hillary presidency would be the mobilization of the conservative base, and the incorporation of part of the large middle into the conservative base as the impact of RBGS (Really Big Government Socialism) pushed a substantial segment of the somnolent center past their tolerance threshold. As the Dems struggled to hold their position against what they would consider a rebellious uprising the last year of Hillary's term would not be a pretty sight.

I don't think we're getting out of this without a revolution; the only questions are whether it will be a peaceful revolution conducted with ballot boxes or a more spirited one like what we had 230 years ago, and when the catalyst will occur.

230 years ago the world was a much different place, one that permitted a several-year thrashing out of our destiny. This time, I don't think the world will demonstrate such patience and tolerance while our attention is consumed by internal matters; there are innumerable parties anxious to advance themselves while we're distracted.

Certainly trying times ahead for optimists.

World Examiner

Yes, we're at a tipping point and it doesn't look good. But as Americans, there is no other place to go.

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