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February 09, 2007



Sure hope #24 has a bit better luck this year. His luck sure was bad Sat. nite. Too many mechanical malfunctions on Gordon's 24 last year. Makes me wonder about his crew chief. I don't like the Jap cars getting into NASCAR. What's next-SAABs!

Grumpy Old Ham

Crikey. I spent four years in Rome (NY) and it was never anywhere near that bad.

Don't have much love for NY for a variety of reasons, but I do truly feel sorry for those folks. They're getting a season's worth of snow in less than ten days.

Happy Anniversary to you and your bride.


A very happy anniversary to you and your lovely bride.
May you have many, many more! :)

Flintlock Tom

Here in San Diego I actually had to put on a sweater last week when I drove to work: 63 degrees, Brrrrr.


Wife and I went out this afternoon looking at some tag along campers..saw a couple and made an offer on one..sumbitch acted like he was insulted but figure he will call back with a lower price than he had on it..if not hell with it. May go ahead and buy a new one..

Eric Sivula Jr.

Boo. Hiss. Have a happy anniversary. I hope the camper is up to your specs.

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