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February 14, 2007



Actually, Og, there is a procedure where they do that. If enough of the disc remains to re-inflate it, they have a miracle goo that they shoot into the disc while the spine is in traction, and an hour later, you walk out of there.

The procedure has not caught on, though. It is only being done in two or three places on the southeast coast.


Hope you feel bestest soonest. meantime enjoy the rest, at least as much as you're able. Hell, I'm balzac deep in work right now, get a few hours sleep for me, wouldya?

I wonder if they can get a can of fix-a-flat in there? (duck and run....)


It's an aggravation of a wrecked L3-L4 disc that was destroyed when I had a young punk go berserk on me 20 years ago as I was taking him to prison. I had to control the guy by myself until more deputies got there. He was a recent Golden Gloves boxing champ out of the North End. I tied him up in a scissors hold, but put so much moxie into my legs that they tore up my back.

The disc still collapses after all those years, I guess it never really inflated itself properly. When it collapses, the nerves coming out of the spinal column there get squashed and they send the wrong signals, which causes powerful muscle spasms and the whole musculature back there tears itself up. There may be a surgical solution, I don't know, but there aren't a lot of surgeons I would trust to use power tools back there to grind a channel for the nerve bundle in between the vertebrae, which is the usual solution.


I'm sorry to hear about your back, Rdog. I will send you my prayers.
My subjects for prayer have been growing fast lately. What happened?

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