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March 25, 2007



Jah-mon, Fat AlGore in a tall black top-hat, wearing' a grass skirt wit' a little gris-gris pouch around he neck, shakin' the maraca and a chicken-bone ju-ju necklace, face painted like de Voodoo Priest! It's an image I can live with. ;-)
Anthropologists have a long tradition of academic fraud and exaggeration. From Margaret Meade who made it all up and Bronislaw Malinowski who was just out to let laid in the South Pacific, to the peyote-pseudo Mexican Carlos Casteneda - tellers of tall-tales come back to roost and find refuge in academe, so it should be easy to spot another fake-fakir.


I am half-convinced that within my lifetime at least the temps will go back down to what they were 50 years ago. The "natural cycle" theory makes way to much sense to me at least. Is the planet really so unstable that 100 years of our activity would send it into this tail spin of certain death? I don't believe it is.

Either way the, as you aptly described, cultish indoctrination of the leftist group-think always makes me think something is amiss. Most often they are trying to sell me a big line of bullshit.

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