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April 19, 2007



I once heard the definition of a boat to be: "a hole, of varying sizes, in the water into which people pour money". About the only exception to that was the kevlar canoe my father had...



That Herreshoff guy (I forget which one, maybe the second youngest) said you don need no stinking marine toilets, get yerself a cedar bucket, and learn how to use it properly.

He gave instructions, in "Sensible Cruising Designs."

(OMG I wants me a Marco Polo, but cold-molded)

One less hole in the hull ya know. This might not be popular with the wimmin.


Yep been there and done that and that is a cheap haul..I was paying $150 back 10 years ago to haul a 33 footer. And I did it every six months to keep the bottom clean and check the zinks. Here in the land of the sunnybeaches we have this barnacle problem and either you pay a diver to clean the bottom or you haul it. I chose to just pay to haul and then did the scraping and painting myself.


Sell it and get a bass boat!

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