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April 04, 2007



I need to get me some land in a third world dump of a country and build some factories. All these factories will do is pump out the carbon. I mean, lots and lots of carbon. They won't have to produce anything really. Then, I can sell my carbon load to rich shmucks like Al Gore! All I will have to do is turn off a machine that is doing nothing to begin with, and I can get paid!

This may sound stupid, but that is exactly what is happening now.


That would be American Revolution Version Three. We already fought Version Two, and contrary to what my son says I wasn't there, but I know we lost.

It's always about the money. Wouldn't surprise me on bit.


Thanks for your speedy comment, Dan, but I'm going to have to clobber you with my History of Taxing 101 textbook, ironically the same history text used in Hard Knocks 456, the last undergrad course in the school of the same name.

Cite me, please, when a general levy has been used to offset ANY tax, other than by giving a "deduction" against taxable income for it.

The other thing that's sneaky about a carbon tax is that some of the proposals are actually a reverse value-added tax, or a "value-subtracted" tax, whereby the tax increases in direct proportion to how much of a carbon footprint the product made while it was being manufactured, and how much estimated carbon footprint it will have when used.

Value-added (or subtracted) taxes are extremely regressive, not progressive. We don't have them in this country, and that's a good thing, because they hammer the poor the hardest, as will your carbon tax.

Sure, you could put in an offset here and an offset there, but eventually people like AlGore abuse the system with the offsets.

Personally, I look forward to reducing my carbon footprint, and having you watch over my shoulder while I do so. What I don't look forward to is the wholesale cheating that will go on when the offsets are sold under the table (as we both know that they will be) and the wholesale disregard of scientific investigation and actual engineering to determine just who are the carbon nasties in our society.

Finally, I will have to return to my history text, which lists damn few taxes ever reduced by the Left.


You say "none of the tax suggesters have have floated the idea that other taxes should be reduced to compensate." WRONG! Just about every proposal I've seen for a carbon tax recommends that be revenue neutral with the revenues used to offset other taxes. Al Gore, for example, suggests using the revenues to offset the payroll tax. Our proposal at the Carbon Tax Center, www.carbontax.org, is for a national carbon tax with revenues either returned via a rebate to all Americans or used to offset the carbon tax. If it's a state carbon tax, we recommend the revenues be used to offset sales tax. The goal is to tax something bad, pollution, and not tax something good, your hard work.


Let me guess the money will be used to buy those useless fraud carbon credits? What a stupid joke. Europe is damned, and only we can save ourselves.

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