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April 04, 2007




I have a personal issue with the phrase, "Global War on Terror", or for that matter any of the 'terror' words: terrorism, terrorist, terroristic - and whatever else they cook up.

Why? Calling our enemies 'terrorists' started to irritate me at age 19, right after 9/11, when I first heard Bush leverage the term. Sure, it has a nice catch to it, and I was behind his initiative to smite the jihadists and-how - the term wasn't offensive to me because I was uncomfortable with the foundational premise. Quite simply, it's offensive because it means nothing.

It is precisely the same kind of thing which Orwell spoke of when he wrote 1984 with perpetual war with Eurasia and Eastasia - at least in part. Who are the 'terrorists'? It is an imprecise term and refers to nobody in particular but those who use pretty much any tactic and fight against existing governments. Previous guerrilla groups are being redefined as 'terrorist groups' right now by our government. And even that definition is overly specific, as people have been arrested on a number of things decidedly non-'terrorist' with terrorism charges.

Are you a terrorist? Am I? I don't know; some of the information I've read on governmental opinion and classifications would throw us both into the 'radical white extremist' type of terror groups, despite the fact that neither of us are.

We need to call these bastards what they are: Islamic Jihadists. At the very least, we should call them that, as that's a fairly conservative label and grouping compared to what we'd have done only 40 years ago (you were either a damn commie, or you weren't - and before that, we didn't declare war on the Nazi extremist group, but on Germany).

So, on its face, I have no problem with this legislation. HOWEVER: it is evident that they've politicized the matter, as they've not picked an appropriate substitution. Making note of a problem without proposing a solution is nothing more than pointing fingers and calling names, causing more trouble than it fixes.


Have you forgotten Janet Reno this soon !!!


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