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April 16, 2007



Excellent post man. I, of course, agree completely. For some reason I have this hope that people are going to wake up to the fact that protecting themselves is the answer. Maybe I am in a delusional, gun-blog-fog, but I feel that more people are going to drift towards our side, than the gun grabber side.


Fantastic point. Tennessee took three days to begin pushing for exactly such a measure. Check it out here:


Unfortunately, i don't know the exact law that is being voted on, but if you know the number the state legislature page should have a record of it.



We learned nothing from 9/11 or from Beslan. The defeatists and death-embracers still make it very difficult for pilots to be armed, and continue to infect our cities with disarmament and dis-ability zones.
The victory of the nanny-culture here in one of the West Coast's epicenters of higher-learning, has been it's successful implementation of "Education" as continuing childhood - and the gradual extension of that in the workplace. The men are not men except in chronological time, in every other aspect they are boys or "guys"...
Here we have "campuses" of young workers who go from building to building on electric skateboards, blithely walk into and across traffic while carrying on cell-phone conversations, and are provided free snacks and sodas, water and crunchy-granola bars, coffee and tea, in stocked refrigerators all throughout the Enterprise - and this is duplicated up and down the Peninsula as Standard Procedure. Bright minds are tethered to goals and productivity while being sheltered from actualities, and they grow old without ever growing up.


As an addition to your excellent suggestion, I would to make a proposal. All of us need to train our children, individually and collectively, to fight back. Armed with firearms or not, fight back. This training need to start no later than junior high school, and it should be as mandatory as fire drills. Run away, bolt and run if you can. If trapped, say on an upper floor, then prepare for unarmed vs. armed. Cover the window in the door so no one can see in. Gather improvised weapons. Scissors, pocket knives, desks, chairs, bookcases, fire extinguishers, anything that can be used as a club, a blinding weapon, or to stab. Stand fast. When the shooter enters the room, heave the desks and chairs, drop the bookcase on him, spray him in the face with the fire extinguisher, club him with it. Beat him down, disarm him, disable him, kill him if you can. Take his weapons. Stand ready again in case he was not alone.
This must be done by training. It is a change in mindset. College age men should not be acting like children. They are old enough to be soldiers and Marines, and they have been done a terrible wrong by a culture that has trained them to act like sheep. Time for a change. Time to take responsibility for ourselves again.
That being said, I totally agree, adult faculty and staff should never again be denied their right to carry arms.

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