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April 21, 2007



That is an LRAS. Used for longe range surveillance


My fear is that the USA is gonna wait to gotdam long to take care of Iran and the Irainians will have nukes..and when they do they can blackmail (nukemail) their way to control of the mideast and thus the earth's oil supply. Two immediate solutions come to mind..one of course is to turn Tehran into a smildering pile of 5000 year halflife sand. The other is a crash program for an alternative to crude oil. The libertarian in me says the first is a government job and the second will happen when the free market demands it.


I'm sure "we" know who is building / providing the tech behind these Iranian weapons, I wonder why that info isn't being published?

When the French got caught providing Argentina Exocet missles (without telling the Brits the IFF interogaters would answer "friendly") it was a international relations nightmare for them.

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