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December 19, 2007



I believe it was a Kenmore Elite that we have that decided one day to keep filling during the rinse cycle, regardless of how much water it had already tried to put in the washer. Of course, we were out doing things when this happened. We came home to a small creek flowing out of the garage. The laundry room was next to the garage, but since there was an inch or so sill in the doorway, we got an inch or so of water throughout about 3/4 of the rest of the house.

Blowers, blowers and more blowers. Dehumidifiers. Carpet pulled up and cleaned. Carpet padding replaced all around. Couldn't live in the place for about 10 days.

The clothes were nice and clean, though.

I feel for you.


Most folk with good sense have their laundry room in the garage on the first floor. That way when such shit happens, it only washes the tools you have scattered all over the garage floor and not the whole house. It would be nice if it washed the truck too but I don't believe I've ever had a vehicle in my garage since I built my house.

I'm a pack rat and have way too much important stuff to keep in the garage to leave room for any cars or trucks.

You might want to think about moving that washer and dryer to the garage if you have one. It will save you alot of heartache when it goes tits up and washers do that quite often nowadays. They don't make good ones anymore.


That sucks indeed. I hope you can get that all repaired before too long.


That sucks. What a completely giant PITA that must be. It reminds me however, that it is time to replace my washer hoses.

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