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January 05, 2008



All I can say is may he rest in peace. He was one hell of a man. If only we had more human beings like this on the planet. Not many things move me but this did for some reason. I've got that lump in my throat because he's gone. I've got that fierce pride in my heart because I know he is a brave American that stood for what he believed in and paid with his life. I am free because of people like him. I'll never forget that. Damn, I even shed a tear. I haven't done that in so many years I can't remember the last time.

RIP Major Andrew Olmsted. I know God has your soul. I know you're still with us fighting the good fight even though your physical body is gone. Your spirit will live on in the minds of good Americans forever.


John Eyler

I too read it a couple of days ago. A wonderful read, his life is missed. By the way it's nice to find you blogging again. I haven't been keeping up but I know you were writing a book I hope that project is going well.


Yes, read it and linked it a couple of days ago..saw that it has been picked up by MSM this morning.
The man is a hero in my eyes..but then so are just about all of the men and women in uniform today. The brave people have volunteered for duty in the military..knowing what will be expected from them. I salute each and every one.

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