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January 17, 2008



I understand where you are coming from man. I see the marriage/sanctity of life issues as being just as important and as ordained by God as our RKBA. I am used to your style, but the Taliban comparison was just a bit much for me I guess.

At any rate, I have no interest in Huckabee being our next President, nor do I see this country amending our Constitution to defend marriage any time soon. The individual states seem to have that one wrapped up already for the most part.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Huckabee doesn't have to pull any stunts to attract the religious right. He is one of us. Unfortunately he seemed to be more aligned with Bill Clinton, than Ronald Reagan during his governorship in Arkansas. If he was actually a conservative, he would be a real force in this election.


He was talking about a federal marriage amendment, not creating a theocracy. The original source for this story didn't even mention that, and came from a lefty news site. I think your rhetoric in this case is a bit off the mark, and more typical of what I would expect to see from some leftist idiotarian, than you.

I am not a Huckabee fan in the least, but let's not paint the guy as UBL, when he isn't.

Check out the source's about section lol.


EDITOR'S NOTE: It is my editorial policy to accept other news sources as bona-fide until they have proven themselves repeat liars. What you DON'T mention, Chris, is the video context of the statement. I saw that much. In the video, Huckabee was locked into a prayer circle at some evangelical church when he made the remarks. He himself had invited the press to film that prayer circle. Huckabee was clearly playing to the religious right with the entire stunt.

All that aside, this blogger and this blog will ALWAYS take the position that religion belongs in church, not in law and especially not in the Constitution. I don't care what religious amendment is proposed, it has no place in the Constitution. The "defense of marriage" proposals are religious tenets, as are "sanctity of life" proposals. Neither of them belongs in the Constitution, and as a sworn defender of said hallowed document and concepts of behavior and governance based on it, such religious doctrine will only get into the Constitution over my dead body, which will only be dead after my considerable supply of ammunition has been accurately used up on those usurpers.

Grumpy Old Ham

I was already distrustful of electing another Arkansas governor; when I heard that little gem on the news this morning, the RCOB nearly caused me to depart from controlled driving. If that isn't his Howard Dean scream moment, I don't know what is...

"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, so I may shoot religious fanatics who want to take away my religious freedom."

I feel like making that into a bumper sticker.

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