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January 18, 2008


Heartless Libertarian

I don't believe that hanging has ever been declared to be unconstitutionally 'cruel and unusual.' It just kind of fell into disfavor as a method of execution as newer, 'more humane' methods became available.

To the best of my knowledge, it is still an option for execution in the states of Washington and Delaware.

Anthony L.

When does this twisting of history stop? Don't the twisters realize that there are enough folks alive who have either read their real history or lived through eras where these things were known (or both) to refute all this history-changing?

There's the problem, soon there won't be those of us who know, and we will be left with the product of our liberal / revisionist schools. As I grow older, it truly pains me to think what our great Nation has become, and even more painful, where it is headed. They don't have to come for the guns-they are creating a generation wholly unprepared or equipped to do anything about their loss of freedom. A generation of indifference. A generation who has no idea about self reliance or independence. A generation who has forgotten manners and morality, a generation with no respect or virtue. A generation lacking enough respect for itself to realize the demoralizing power of having the state be their parent.

This is what our founders escaped, what they pledged their lives, property and sacred honor for. This is what our Nation lacks-one cannot pledge what they do not possess. A life is meaningless if one cannot exercise self determination. Private property rights and wealth of any kind are fast becoming a quaint relic as the state encroaches further and further with taxes and controlled thermostats in peoples homes. There is no honor in accepting graft from the hard work of others when one is capable of being self reliant. The guns are important, but much less so when we have nobody willing or capable of using them. The cancer has grown right before our eyes, while we were looking elsewhere, while we were fighting to protect rights that are meaningless without the people willing to exercise them.

I know how to tie a hangman's noose, and the tables to calculate the proper drop distance for a humane death are readily available. I stand ready to defend my liberty with others, and I work every day to do just that, through peaceful means. I also stand ready to pledge MY life, property and sacred honor to defend my country by other means should it become necessary.

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