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January 04, 2008


Jerry the Geek

Sorry if this seems to fall into the 'crack-pot' crack, but I am so appalled by the AARP mailings which continually clog my snail-mail in-basket that I could just poop. I've repeatedly asked them to remove me from their mailing list. I've specifically stated that I would never join AARP because of their egrigious political positions ... which my membership fees would obviously support. I've told them that I considered their mail to be pornographic and threatened them with my state's Attorney General. Nothing seems to work. I am reduced to returning every mailing (in the enclosed franked envelope) with "TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST" in bold black ink, in hopes that at least I'm taking thirty-whatever-this-month postage costs out of their political fund.

Nothing seems to work.

If anyone has a clue how to keep them off my ass, I would appreciate some good advice.

Thanks for the opportunity to rant. Now I'll go quietly to my own blog and post the same shit.


"Better taxing through god!"

Now that is some funny (and sadly true) shit right there, RD.


Maybe dawg..but to get to the white house it historically has taken a win in two of the big three...California, Texas, and Florida..I don't think Osamma Obamma can carry Florida and Texas although the left coast will surely support him. Of course I am basing this wild assed guess on an assumption that the GOP will not nominate a loser such as Huckabee or Rudy. I am not a supporter of McCain but I do believe either he or Thompson can beat Obamma or Hillary..they probably can get the Neo libertarian vote and I think they would pull a lot of the conservative democrat vote..yeah, there are some democrats that are conservative as opposed to the general make-up of the party who are not democrats...they are dim-a-crits..

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