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January 22, 2008



I would much rather to be able to take back our country via the voting booth..but I have this gut feeling that if we get it back it will be in the streets.



Guess the html I atempted didn't work....


Great piece. Posted at our place:

WRSA Entry re Rivrdog

Hope there's room for the Bonnie Blue flag in your imagery....


PS: Looking forward to your novel as well...

Grumpy Old Ham

I truly think it's third-party time for me, as I have a severe case of electile dysfunction right now that I don't see getting any better within the next 9 months.

Hell, maybe I'll just go with Ron Paul for the amusement value of it all. Now, where was that supply of Soma I had stashed around here?



O.K. Patrick Henry -- I am all for a third party. I think more than one million are ready.
Keep up the good words.

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