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April 23, 2008



Dammit, it really is in my interest to stay on the good side of the LEOs, I being pretty much alone in the world, and soon to be sixty, but the ones around here kind of frighten me. When did it become fashionable for Peace Officers to wear what used to be known as Convict Haircuts?

I tellya, there's no reason for it, but I feel more comfortable talking to an officer who looks like he owns a comb.


Just a continuation of the "Us & Them" mentality that seems to be prevalent today. Barring some kind of intervention, I don't see this resolving well for citizens.

Some days I fear for The Republic...


There has been a lot of grant money/assistance available from Washington to local law enforcement to buy these bells and whistles. I think maybe there's a certain amount of "if you got it,flaunt it" attitude among the recipients. not always a good thing!


....and real police work suffers because of the "Judge Dred" attitudes and the ninja complexes. REAL cops care about their districts, care about the problems in their districts, and try to solve those problems as their patrol schedules allow them. The Ninjas are in and out, and they don't give a rip about the people involved.


For me, that scenario of just holding him at bay is a no-go. My intent is to solve the problem. As long as he still has control of a weapon, I'm still working on the problem. Part of that mindset, is I don't want to be standing around holding a gun, unless I'm using it to good purpose. Let those with a badge and on the clock be the ones to stand around doing "containment". I spit on that sort of mindset.

ED. NOTE: I spit on it too, but I limit my response, because I want to live past the lingerie section....

Aaron Neal

That statement by Deputy Chief Dean should have cost him his job. If that attitude IS actually a result of training, it means the average gangbanger is to be worried about less than the guy in the car with gumballs on top.

ED. NOTE: A big "Rojah" to that. If you could have seen the novel, you would have known....

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