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April 09, 2008



Yes! I am tired of this begging culture. It is like the PBS fundraising everywhere.

For the same reasons you state, I have lost interest in NASCAR. Way too much hoopla for increasingly boring races. Maybe the should race stock suvs and actually resemble the average vehicle. I only watch the occassional sport and then for a short while. Maybe ladies tennis to see some Russian babe or bullriding to see some unobnoxious atheletes for a change.


I stopped watching all televised sports for just this reason about 10 years ago. If there is a sporting event within 100 miles of my house, I'll go watch it live. Otherwise, I'll just read about it in the paper. I don't even watch the super bowl anymore just because of the begging and commercial bullshit that makes it an hour or so longer than it needs to be.

I'm damn sick and tired of the bullshit you speak of. They make me think of all the people standing at intersections trying to bum money from you for this cause or that cause or just for beer and smokes because they are sorry bums that won't work.

I have a sign I made up now that I use at intersections when some moocher walks up to my window. It says "No handouts. Get away from my truck or I'll shoot." It has worked pretty good so far.



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