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May 10, 2008



I'll take a stab at that, BOB. It is obviously because his Black Panther wife thought "Barry" was just a little too white-sounding.

If you thought we had a bad case of wifely power-envy when Bill Clinton was President and the Hildebeeste couldn't wait to share some of that power, just wait for the Obama administration. Michelle (a very French/Caucasian sounding name, that) Obama will show us, very quickly, just why we made a BAD mistake in electing her hubby.

Brick Oven Bill

'No more Barry.'
-Obama, 1980

I’d like someone to ask Obama why he changed his name from Barry to Barack. That would be a good question. I’d like to hear the answer.



Um, standing there clinging to guns, hatred and religion, do you think your concerns matter? they do not. So far as obama is concerned, you deserve no rights, and when he gets into power, he'll see to it that you have none. You don't know this man like I do. Trust me, you don't invite a black mamba to dinner. For you are the dinner.

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