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May 23, 2008


Nels Tomlinson

If we assume that Obama meant ``respect'' in the thug's sense, as Morenuancedthanyou suggests, then it boils down to ``speak softly and carry a big stick.'' Even if Obama meant it in that sense (but you know he didn't), I don't think I'd vote for him. Teddy Roosevelt was our first socialist president, so being like him is not high praise in my book. Still, I'd take TR over FDR, JFK, MHO or HRC any day.


This is a misuse of the word. When they say "respect" what they really mean is "fear".

Francis Porretto has a quote (original?) that applies here, to the effect that just as not all individuals are equally moral, not all nations are equally moral. If one treats an immoral enemy as moral, he is giving away an advantage that the other will use without hesitation.

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