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May 20, 2008


Brick Oven Bill

My nomination is the status of the world’s fossil fuel supplies. There are many smart people who believe that we’ve reached ‘Peak Oil’; which means that $4/gal is a bargain.

So I’m kind of rooting for the Polar Bears. That oil will be worth a lot more to us in ten years that it is today. The pony-tail crowd could actually be doing us a big long-term favor by keeping us away from Alaska and offshore deposits.

Paul Chefurka has a great web-site about Peak Oil; his analysis is presented in a series of papers at the bottom:



on the flight line we use the term to mean "fxxxed up beyond any repair" which meant send the piece of shit to depot..would not it be nice if we could just send the government to depot and request a new one from the Chief of material

ED. NOTE: But then, after too much combat damage, or a really bad landing, an aircraft might be declared Class 26, which removed it from it's combat (or support) duty and made it officially a hangar queen.

Too bad we can't declare parts of the Feddle Gummint Class 26, strip them of their useful parts, and eventually sell the rest for scrap.

Aaron Neal

Plenty of FUBAR for everyone to have a share. Texas weather is NOT FUBAR at the moment; it's quite recognizable - late May, so we're in the '90s daily. Having to start watching out for Alex when I have him outside with me now.

Jerry the Geek

RD ... you still manage to crack me up, even when I try real HARD to keep a straight face.

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