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October 04, 2008



OK, I'll modify my stance SLIGHTLY. If your congresscritter voted against it, BOTH times, he or she gets a second look. Now look at how much "pork" and "business as usual" that supposed-Representative or Senator has supported, and judge based on that.

...and Aaron, that procedure is known as "gut and stuff", and it has been in the back pocket of corrupt pols forever. My State Legislature does it several times at the end of the legislative sessions here in Oregon.


It'll be a pleasure to vote for Bill Sali again. He voted NO both times, and he was one who stayed behind when Pelosi shut them down rather than do an energy bill. My kind of representative. The rest can go hang.

Aaron Neal

My Rep and both Senators voted for it, and I was one of many telling them to look at alternatives that don't put us $700bn into debt (and giving them some of those alternatives). I'll be doing my part to show them the door.

But you left one thing out, Rivrdog: Spending measures are supposed to originate in the House. The Senate took an unrelated bill that had passed the House, appended it with this bailout (and all the pork), and sent it back to the house for re-negotiation.

This should have never come up in the Senate, as the House rejected the bill originally.

Brick Oven Bill

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance:


For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:



No slow down there, Rivrdog. My Rep voted against it both times. He held the line against this atrocity. He's a good man who listens to the folks he represents. People should find out how their reps voted and THEN vote accordingly. If your rep and senators voted for the bailout, vote them out.

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