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October 25, 2008



Rivrdog - I am with you on Smith. I also held my nose on that one. No tears shed if he dosn't get in. If he does let us hope he gets a better challenger next time.

PS: I am just learning about reloading and want to purchase my equipment and components by year end. Can you make any recomendations on what kit or equipment would be good to start off with? I have been looking at the Lee Turrent Press kit just because of low price compared to Dillon and others. I am mainly reloading to save on cost and the bulk of my reloads would be for plinking. I want to reload .45 auto, 5.66 and 7.62x51 to start with. I was given about 1000 rounds of brass (Mil Spec brass for the rifles) for each caliber and about 10k primers.

Regards Wayne

Aaron Neal

That was Ragnar Danneskjöld. Now that's a pirate I can like!

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