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October 27, 2008



Dirtcrashr, don't forget to scout out those back roads around Mt. Hamilton that get you into my neck of the woods in the event East Palo Alto sends folks your way....


In California the preferred option is to dither AND hand-wring. I will dither with loaded magazines.

Guy S

I can easily see a Bush caretaker gov. But wonder if only to give the "appearance" (if nothing else) of making it non-partisan SCOTUS would opt for the military "non political" option instead. As in we ain't giving either party a dog in this hunt. You all get your acts together and try again. In the mean time, and to give you the incentive to hurry up, the military has the helm for the immediate future. YMMV


That is a fairly drastic solution to such a crisis Guy, but it is possible.

I think it more likely that the Supremes would ask POTUS Bush to stay on as a caretaker executive, since he already has a functioning government. I have nothing against a temporary military government, but I don't think many share my views.

Guy S

Well, all of your choices are plausible. I would add one more (or perhaps modify #3 and #4). If "He whose middle name shall not be mentioned" is in fact determined to be not qualified to be POTUS at some time prior to the inauguration, then we see martial law imposed with a military tribunal set up as a transitional government. This will remain in effect until such time as new elections can be set up. (I have heard discussions that a "six month window" would be allowed for selecting new candidates followed by an indeterminate amount of time for the two "new" nominees to run for office prior to an election date.) There would, as in your #3 and #4 be either a strong chance of, or actual, rioting/rebellion, but assuming this action is taken quickly, I feel it most likly be minimal.

What say you? Does it ring true? Or am I breaking wind with mad abandon?


Hi Rivrdog,

I do ride the blue line, or the red, from Gateway to downtown and back. Once the Clackamas line is in, I won't even have to park at Gateway and will have a much easier commute.

I will definitely be listening to news radio the morning after the election to see if anything crazy is happening. My neighbor and I are discussing simply carpooling straight to downtown on that day regardless.

Thanks for the tip - email incoming!


I would like option four but kinda figure on option two with a long shot at option three..but I have contingency plans for all four..plus for a lot more scenarios...


Kyle, the MAX has two danger areas on the East side (Blue Line). They are 188th to 122cd, and the Rose Quarter stop/Yellow Line interchange.

I'd keep an ear on 1190 KEX or 750 KXL news, and if you hear the slightest suggestion of any street problems, don't get on MAX, but spend the $$$ to drive and park your own car, where you can have proper armaments.

Send me an email and I'll put you on an adjunct intelligence notification list I'm forming. I can monitor everything from my (relatively) safe neighborhood, and if I have your mobile contact info, I should be able to provide text or voice warnings of developing problems.

I did this work for real on 9-11, so I know what is what here.


I like option four!!!



I also held my nose and voted Palin/McCain and Smith.

Luckily, Clackamas county had a number of initiatives and council seats that I was HAPPY to vote for or against, and didn't feel dirty about afterwards.

I ride the MAX to and from work every day and am curious as to how certain folks will behave on it after the election.

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