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November 04, 2008


Guy S

Having as many oaths of enlistment under my belt for the Reg Navy and a couple more on the Reserve side of the house, your last question is more then rhetorical(and even with only five active brain cells at any given time I understood it ... scary ain't it?!). Anyhow, IMNSHO, I think the only reason none of (the collective) "us" have taken up arms or even started to head in the direction of organization(s), is because we constitutional loving / conservative folk really do believe in the "rule of law". And as such, we are more apt wait (if possible) for all other manner of recourse to exhaust themselves before we reach into our toolbox for the proper caliber tool for the job. In short, we ain't like the thugs on the other side of the aisle. And as adults we know what the cost very likely will be if this nation is thrown into internal armed conflict. Does it mean good men should not ever take this step? No of course not. Rather, it should be the final choice of any sane man, when in defense of our lives, liberty, and sacred honor, no other option would be expected to produce success.

Aaron Neal

It's a few days early, but Thank You for each of the five.


a man who has expressed ideas so radical that they place our very Constitution in danger

While I agree with you that his ideas are radical, the ideas themselves can't do anything. Only if he can put them into action. Now ask ourselves, when was the last time that Barry took his ideas and put them into action. The Annenberg Challenge? 100 mil and no results, correct? If the Indonesian is the most left member of the Senate, doesn't that mean there are 99 Senator who are more right wing than he? We have 5 Supremes, enough Republican Senators to filibuster, plus an estimated 80 million gun owners with an estimated 270 million guns.

Carter had an Annapolis degree, was experienced as Georgia governor, and had Watergate at his back. The only lasting damage was the Panama Canal. There are no Russki missile batteries or ChiCom divisions at the Gatun Locks. US goods still make it through, right? And this is at the height of the Cold War. What percent of the world's countries or citizens were in a multi-party democracy and a free market economy in 1976? How about 2008?

What has he done in Chicago? More importantly, what has Chicago done? If it were an athlete in a US city competition, it would be a bronze medal. That would make Barry a bronze medal in the Special Olympics.

The guy is good at winning elections. But when he is in office, what is the first thing that springs to mind. Present. Voting present. He may have been trained as a Marxist, but his record puts him in the same league as Gus Hall. And we all know how the Cold War turned out.

ED. NOTE: But we also know now that Gus Hall was seen as only a useful idiot by the Soviet Politburo, and that Hall's right hand man was a double agent for the FBI. (I'm reading the book right now).

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