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November 05, 2008


Corey A

Did you know that they're replacing the statue of liberty?
Yep, they're putting up a 300 foot statue of Aunt Jemima holding a chicken.

Just kidding. You guys could use some humour.

ED. NOTE: Damn straight we can use some humor. Thanks for providing some.


I'm another onw without enough sleep, and still sick today.



Hi.. I too woke up from a restless night with a "hangover" without the benefit of a "bender". There was a huge registration of young (18-29) voters that were recruited by the Democratic party and voted for BHO. (Thank-you, Corey, for using your head and knowing what is going on.. Too many don't and yet have the right to vote.) More blacks voted in Georgia than voted in the whole country in 2004. Cuban and "Hispanic" voters in Florida also increased by enough to give BHO the State.. so the "youth" vote was only about 30% of new voters. If you add these new voters to the fraudulent votes (200,000 in Ohio alone), to the media driven sheep vote, the result is that the working class, middle America is out voted... The silent majority has been silent too long. We've allowed a scant minority to dictate our laws and social behavior. We've allowed the media and this scant minority to teach our children the new "morality". Pride in our freedom and being the mightiest Nation on Earth is something to be apologized for. To express a belief in a Christian faith is taboo while we watch mosques and giant Hindu statues erected in our neighborhoods. (Drive by 172/NE Glisan).. None of us should be surprised... Disappointed, scared of our future, angry.. yes... but not surprised.
Keep your powder dry...

ED. NOTE: Thank you, Eddie. Your support is valuable, and the Constitution's very existence will depend on stalwart youths such as you.

Corey A

I am 18 and I voted for Palin/McCain. It must've been the OTHER youth.

ED. NOTE: Thank you, corey33P. Your support is appreciated AND WILL BE VALUABLE.

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