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November 07, 2008



I note this morning that there are already some CBC folks saying that they're NOT useless, that we must keep digging out racism, etc, etc.

To me, this is tantamount to enacting a simple Flat Tax, then saying we have to keep all the tax-industry people at work just to make sure the flat tax works!

Definitely NOT free market ideas!

Aaron Neal

Further comment here - no slight to Dusty, but I'm a regular here :)

The CBC will have its place; it'll be to tear President Obama down. Look, as I said, to comments like "Uncle Tom" and "Oreo".

President Obama will not be able to fix the problems of rampant drug use, black-on-black violent crime, and births out of wedlock. Those three problems are at the heart of what is wrong with inner-city America.

The Congressional Black Caucus won't be able to solve those problems (as they haven't been able to in the past). Neither will President Obama. The only people who can fix that problem are the PEOPLE - and they'll have to acknowledge that the problem is with them, not the "System". Pretty iffy, in my book.

More likely, the race-baiters will throw President Obama under the bus, and yell "It's not our fault! Blame Whitey and Oreo Obama!"

My two cents; spend it wisely.

Aaron Neal

I'm kind of looking forward to Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton becoming completely sidelined.

Either they admit "whitey" hasn't been keeping the blacks down, or they go rabid on Obama for being an "Uncle Tom".

Either way, I think those race-baiters' days are just about done.

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