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April 19, 2009


bobby b

C'mon. We're just cycling through the Stupid Times again.

Think back to the late sixties, early seventies. A rather large mob of well-meaning, self-reverential, oversimplistic "progressives", alienated by a society that, in their minds, served all of the wrong values and gave short shrift to the right values (which, in a happy coincidence, turned out to be their values), banded together in the hundreds of thousands to stop our participation in a murderous war that seemed to them - okay, sadly, I mean "us" - to be the centerpiece for an entire table full of evil and selfishness that Amerikkka had become.

Only later, when we started to view knowledge as being of some importance to a decisionmaking process - when we realized that the facts of the situation maybe didn't quite lead to the conclusions that we'd drawn - did we start to realize that we'd been conned. We'd essentially fought for the empowerment of a class of people who had no sense of honor, who felt no internal pressure to be truthful as long as their lies served their empowerment, who, in the end, had no feeling or concern about the very "underclasses" they'd noisily championed. Their common dream had nothing to do with "we can make their lives better" and everything to do with "I should be in charge."

So, back then, we listened to lying SOS's like Fonda and Kerry and Elsworth, we avidly read the Pentagon Papers and never suspected the huge and dishonest editing job they did on them before we saw them, and we laughed at the straights' expressed fears of what communism might mean for peasant life. (Later, as millions were exterminated by those same innocuous (to us) communist leaders, we pretty much looked the other way and pretended that it was just the growing pains of new freedom in SE Asia. God, we were self-absorbed shits.)

And now, that same cycle has started up again, only they've swarmed all over this two-bit con man from Chicago as their new mantra. (People used to carry or spread mantras. Now, people ARE the mantra. It's just easier, I guess - skip the middlemen.)

Dan Hamilton

Rivrdog, I am sorry that I did not make myself clear. The Revolution will not be FOR anarchy.
It will be to reestablish the Constitution. The Government will know what they have done and what they need to do to stop the Revolution.

Yes the fighting will be uncontroled but that has nothing to do with anarchy.

There will be no need to form a NEW Government. The Revolution will have taught the Government that the WORDS of the Constitution have meaning. Words that the Government officials can't change the meaning of anytime they want to.

The Revolution will basicly kick the Government in the ass and force them to abide by the orginial meaning of the words in the Constitution.

ED. NOTE: Yes, that IS the correct goal for a revolution, but the Government will devote considerable time and resources to painting all the revolutionaries as terrorists, not as restorers of the Constitution, and for a time, they will succeed. Only when the Government's atrocities used in suppressing the Revolution become clear to the average American (and HUGE effort will be made to hide them) will the Government lose the support of the dummies and then lose the war.

It looks to be a VERY tough row to hoe.


Dan, your definition of revolution is the classic definition of anarchy. Revolutions with no leadership are rather rare, simply because winning one is an instant loser for the successful anarchist, who doesn't want to form a new government, lead the old government, or any of the usual motivations for insurgencies. You are correct in your forecast of the use of terror, however.

Any anarchists who said they wanted to tear down the society and not replace it with anything but chaos would immediately find themselves in EVERYONE'S gunsights.


I didn't think of this myself, but the idea that the gatherings this week are closer to the reaction to the Stamp Act than the Tea Party make some sense.

The protests of the mid-1760's are closer to what happened this week. The "indians" who boarded that ship were much better organized and did indeed have the proto-bloggers (pamphleteers) set up and running.

Here's a thought: the very beginning of the American Revolution was in January of 1629 when Charles Stuart dissolved Parliament and started the 11 year Personal Rule. Both Oliver Cromwell and William Penn were unknowns then.

Dan Hamilton

First and formost I hope and pray that the revolution is NEVER needed and can be avoided.

You seem to misunderstand how the revolution will be fought.

1. It will not touch the sheeple. The Dummies that you talk about. Simply because there is nothing to be gained by getting them involved, or by doing anything to them. They simply don't matter.

2. The military really doesn't matter. Nobody is going to attack them. No reason to. The Government may try and use them but that would be a mistake on their part. The Military serves the Constitution not the Government. What orders will they obey and what orders will they only seem to obey. You could end up splitting the Military not a good idea. if they do get involved it will only help the revolution. The Military will not be effective in this type of revolution. there will be no GROUPS for them to go after. And having them go from house to house doing searches is a realy realy BAD idea. Having them disperse or shoot demonstraters is also not a good idea.

3. The police only as they get in the way when they support the Feds.

4. The Feds will be involved in trying to find and bring to justice the people revolting. The Feds will be targets. People will be caught and charged with murder. It will be intersting to find out what juries will do.

5. The Politicians Judges, and Government workers. They will be the targets. Very few bombs will be used. Some higher officials and officies where all are Feds may get bombed but something like McViegh is unlikely. The revolution will care more about the bystanders then that. The revolution will not be by terrorists. That would be stupid and ineffective.

The Revolution will be done this way.
The Politicians, Judges, and Government workers targeted will be unwilling to continue the actions that are the reason for their targeting. They will rollback what the revolution doesn't like simply to stay alive. It may take years but the supply of Liberals willing to die to become the Politicians, Judges, and Government Workers imposing what the revolution doesn't want will dry up. The Dummies will not have Liberals to elect because Liberals will not run.
The revolution will have almost no leadership. Individuals will decide the targets and carry out their own plans. It will be unlike any other revolution. The leaders will be leaders of the peacefull demonstrations not of the active revolution. There will be no connection between the talkers and the shooters.

The revolution will be bloody and dangerous. Again I hope and pray that it never happens. That it is never needed.


I would submit that, allegorically, we're not in the 1770s yet, but sometime in the 1760s. I doubt that our current president will even be in office when we decide to push the reset button. His administration will be gone and we'll be dealing with the aftermath. We'll cite him in a long train of abuses and usurpations, but he'll be a political footnote.

ED. NOTE: Yes, the grisly aftermath, or whatever History decides to call it. I've long thought myself that the "dummy issue" would be sorted out by the Laws of Survival, and so have a lot of other writers and thinkers.

Letalis Maximus, Esq.

Empires and Great Societies collapse from within. It happened to the Ming, it happened in Greece, it happened to Persia, it happened to Rome, it happened to the Ottoman, it happened to the Brits and Europeans.

It is happening to us.


In my humble opinion, the educational system has NOT failed.
They have accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

Dumb-down American kids and make them more amenable to the "new world order".


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