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September 06, 2009



I wish I was a shill for acer as I would get paid but alas no. I only have the Acer and my parents have the 11.6 inch version so it is all the experience I have with netbooks. but when I was considering my options I was thinking about getting the acer EEEpc but found that the model I got was the cheapest one I could find. My wife wouldn't let me spend more than €199, whipped I know.

Chris Byrne

I have an EEE 1008ha (the seashell), and I love it.

I'mna post something on it in a couple days, and I'll have it with me at GBR.

D.W. Drang

I've got an ASUS Eee 1000 series, and I like it. The battery is rated at 6-7 hours, but the best I've done so far was 5.5, which is still pretty good. It is certainly no replacement for the desktop, but as a second computer it's pretty good. I got it as part of my amateur radio "go gear", some modes you need a computer for. I do not have a 3g or EVDO card for it, so I don't use it with Verizon--
As a PDA I have Motorola Q9C "smart phone", which has served me well. Windows Mobile is Windows, and it occasionally locks up on me, but otherwise has been reliable. Syncs w/desktop, etc. We have unlimited internet w/it. It amuses the young punks who work for me to see an old fart like me doing text messages, but Mrs. Drang and I stay in touch that way, since we are on "dueling work skeds."


Interesting post and website, Colin. If I was a cynic, I'd say that you and the website are shills for Acer. To prove me wrong, let's see some reviews on a few other netbooks.

I agree with you about battery life, but a 9-cell battery in a netbook would raise the price to that of a decent laptop, as well as giving it a more bulky profile. For a lot less dollars, I can buy a D/C adapter and also some standby rechargeable cells to give me more use at the 30 watts or so I would need.


I would recommend a netbook. I bought an Acer Aspire One about 6 months ago, it was the 8.9inch version with Linux and I love this thing it goes everywhere with me. I would recommend getting a netbook with as big a battery as you can manage, at least 6 cell but if you can get it the 9 cell as this will boost the 2-3 hours to around 6-7 hours. For more Info I have a site dedicated to netbooks so please take a look, it is all about "What is a Netbook" but will have an article on what to look for when buying one later today or tomorrow.

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