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December 29, 2009



So sorry to hear this. Euthanizing our first cat ten years ago is still one of the most gutwrenching experiences of my life. Our heartfelt condolences.


I am so sorry... (((hugs)))


Eyes a bit wet, here. I send my most earnest condolences, and prayers, for all of y'all there. Just checked on my furry "roommate", 15 yrs and 14 lbs, somewhat Mainely Coonish. (He's been feelin' a bit old-fashioned lately, too.)

All the above detail of my kitty to try to assure you that I have some idea of your feelings, Sir.

Again, my most earnest sympathy and condolences.


'Dawg, my heartfelt condolences. She was not only wonderful and beautiful, but one helluva shipmate besides.

Some thing special about those seaworthy cats, isn't there?

You know I lost my beloved Harley only last month. First and only thing I've posted on Smoke on the Water in nigh onto two years. You met Harley, you got a feel for his mellow vibe.

I'm sure he and Bella will swap tales of their very well trained and obedient "owners", till our time comes to join them. And I'll tell you this; I'm not going to any so called "heaven" without Harley in it!

We were blessed, amigo. We were so very richly blessed. To have been loved so devotedly and deeply from a place only cats know, is a joy and honor beyond words.

Please give your lovely Gudwife an extra hug from Iris and myself. We still grieve, and we grieve now for and with you both.

Rest in peace, sweet Bella.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Chuck Kuecker

My deepest sympathies. I had to take cae of my special Shelly cat a couple of months back, and I still see her in the corner of my eye sometimes.

mostly cajun

I am so very sorry.

These little lives tangle up in our hearts in mighty ways...




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