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December 16, 2009


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that H1N1 emergency is just a scam.


Did you see in the news in the past couple of days: 800,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine were recalled, due to suspicions that those doses were in fact not strong enough to actually vaccinate the patient.

I can't wait for nationalized health care. ;)

Gerry N.

Up Nawth heah in the People's Republic of Lynnwood, WA the Clinic I use gave me a regular, (whatever that is) flu shot about 4 weeks ago. (At risk group, over 60 and diabetic.) Last Thursday during my quarterly wellness care appointment I was asked when I checked in if I wanted the H1N1 vaccine. I declined and when I told my Doc, he muttered "good" under his breath. He does not like that vaccine because it's his professional opinion that it is too risky and causes more harm than good. Apparently the clinic is required to ask and give it if the patient agrees. I asked him how many he has and has administered. None, as of last Thursday, out of 1500 doses. Word is getting out.

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