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December 12, 2009



Yeah, I'd love to see all of that too. But with all of the pinkos ( I still love that word) in office, what do you think the chances are?


Gerry N.

I'd love to have it discovered that Teh Iwon is not eligible to hold any office in the US. I would also hope that ANYTHING with his signature on it would be declared null and void. Since he knew it, he would have to be held criminally and civilly liable, as would any other elected official and gov't. employee who knew.

How wonderful would it be to see the entire Dimmi Crat and RINO House and Senate rendered penniless and made to serve long prison terms.

As long as we're dreaming, what's the statute of limitations RE: Treason as applies to the NY Slimes? Why not have Pinch and his buddies hanged or sent to Leavenworth for sixty or seventy years?

Gerry N.

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