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February 19, 2010


Ragin' Dave

Instapundit just brought it up, and said O'Reilly doubled down on stupid.

Maybe THAT will wake him up. But I doubt it.

Windy Wilson

Pres Lincoln was authorized under the constitution to suspend habaeus corpus in time of war or insurrection, and I'm sure he did it on more than a feeling.

As for the second amendment, the court did not merely decide that it was an individual right, it came to that conclusion based on prior cases, the wording of the amendment, and the statements of the founding fathers that amounted to legislative intent.


Concur with everything you said, except it's habeAs corpus. Sorry to get pedantic on you, but I did take Latin in High School, and, yes, I'm a bit autistic. Get the details right, dammit!


O'Reilly is a loudmouth jerk. How he maintains high ratings and stays on the air is a mystery to me. I turned him off long ago.

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