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February 03, 2010


Download XP Drivers

This is very useful for netbook user and I hope many would be able to stumble on this. Thanks a lot!


Just for future reference (in case you don't bookmark em) http://gpsd.berlios.de/bu_303b.html and http://www.usglobalsat.com/gpsfacts/bu303a_gps_facts.html


I'm not impressed with SP3. Things got flaky when MS upgraded my system from the original SP2.
BTW, Win 7 seems pretty good from what I see and hear. Roommates new laptop boots instantly.


Is there any info at all on the gps puck?

ED. REPLY: Yes, there is a label from LaptopsForLess.com, and another label with a model number, BU-303, a Serial Number, BU0 66933, a logo "CEF" (which is a compliance logo of some sort, I have it on other Asian equipment), and FCC compliance statement and "Made in Taiwan" The puck itself is about 2" H X 1.5" W X .75" D, with a 3.5' USB cable permanently attached.

From the Tech Specs on the CD, the chipset is listed as: “SiRF Star Ⅱ/LP” high performance and low power consumption chipset".

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