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March 25, 2010


Gerry N.

I'm glad to hear your injuries were no more serious than they are. Heal quickly.

A few years ago I bought some .38 Spec. gun show reloads. The first twelve showed moderate report, light recoil and acceptable accuracy. The thirteenth round was extremely loud, with very sharp, harsh recoil. The empty had to be forced from the cylinder with a dowel and mallet. I pulled the bullets from the remainder of the 50, finding two with double charges. I had never fired another person's handloads before, and I never will again.

Another story. My wife found a really good deal on hand loading gear at a garage sale, including 250 some-odd .308 Win. reloads. For some reason I felt "squishy" about them so I decided to break 'em down for components. About 1/3 of those handloads, all with 180 grain bullets, were compressed loads of a flake type powder with little red flakes interspersed in it. Full case charges of Red Dot under a 180 grain bullet. The rest were an unknown stick powder which looked like IMR something. All the powder went under my wife's roses. My BVD's and trousers went into the wash. I did, however, get a big pile of primed .308 cases suitable for cast bullet loads along with a 12 ga. Lee Shotgun loader and 50 lbs of shot for $10.

Gerry N.


2nd on that one paw paw... My pop always told me never trust another man's handloads.

John of Argghhh!

Hey, Armorer! I'm #1 in Google for "I am the kaboomee"


Everybody should be number one in Google for something!

Those who know, know.


Glad you're okay. I don't trust anybody's reloaded ammo but my own.


Glad you're OK! Pleased to see you were packing spare undies in your range bag, I presume that's what you went to the men's room for.

The Chaplain

Damn that cheap Mexican drug lord reload ammo… can’t get ya one way, they’ll get ya another. Glad you’re ok, but man, you knives, guns and
hand injuries. Wear your Kevlar gloves next time. And I was thinking
about buying a Kel Tec like yours... think I’ll wait until the gunsmith’s report returns. Oh, BTW… the wife says she’s not shooting your reloads anymore and she hopes you have plenty of underwear left for the rest of the trip (LOL)!

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