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April 17, 2010



I wonder how many of the grounded travelers thought to book passage on freighter ships. You can still do that, you know. A lot of them have a few passenger cabins.


Europe's leaders HOPE for the ash fall to CHANGE. When it didn't change, they are left with the current situation. I guess prayer and action weren't on their to do list.


You called it...now it looks like, at least, they're getting the Royal Navy involved


Nanny does'nt give a shit about the little people, just about " Jeese we will have to do work 'an stuff 'an it could cost money 'n stuff '.


Don't forget about all the hand-wringing .....


Gerry N.

You overlooked lack of initiative, and the resulting lack of action.

I saw the same thing when that poor woman in Wales fell down an abandoned mine shaft and was allowed to lie there and die because some faceless bureaucrat had stated the equipment available was only to be used for rescuing firefighters. I stated on a forum that in America she would have been rescued using any available means and the protocols and dogma sorted out later. I was reviled by some on the forum as a "vigilante". I took that as a complement and stated "That's why WE (Americans) win". Quite a few took my view of the matter and were really ashamed of their countrymen for not acting to save the woman's life instead of sitting on their asses to protect their sinecures. Those members and I agreed that sanctions in this life were not likely to be very severe, but things in the afterlife would not likely be as non-judgmental.

Gerry N.

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